The Best Modern Fire Pit? Solo Stove Yukon Product Review

When you think of a modern fire pit, you may typically think of a gas burning fire pit. Solo Stove has chosen not to adapt to that narrative, and instead has completely redesigned the traditional wood-burning fire pit to give it a modern twist. If you don’t want to take our word for it, simply look at the features they have included in designing this awesome fire pit.


Now you might be asking how they have achieved this. After all, aren’t wood burning fire pits supposed to smoke? Isn’t that just something that you have to live with if you are burning wood? Not with this fire pit. The unique double wall design provides more air all throughout the inside of the fire pit, creating a more complete burn. When wood is being thoroughly burned, it will not smoke as much. Here is exactly how they achieve it:


This patented design is what makes this outdoor fire pit work as well as it does. The air intake holes on the bottom pull cool air in to fuel the fire from underneath, as the wood actually sits on top of the base plate. Some of the air is also pulled into the top vent holes, heating up as it rises through the 304 stainless steel. Once the warm air reaches the top vent holes, it provides even more fuel for the flame, ensuring a complete burn. Another unique feature is the ash pan underneath the base plate which makes clean up much easier.


Other great features of this fire pit include the fact that it comes ready to use, so no assembly is required. At only 45 pounds, it is much lighter than similar size fire pits, and the quality stainless steel that is used is more resistant to rust than other types of steel. There are also smaller versions of the fire pit available at a lower price, but the main reason they chose to create this larger one was because their customers told them they wanted it. The fact that Solo Stove listened to their customers and created the product that they asked for is awesome!


Cons Of This Fire Pit

Although Solo Stove clearly has put a lot of time into the design and features of this fire pit, there are some things about it that aren’t so great. First, if you want to put it on a deck, you have to buy the stand separately like the one pictured above. Although it only costs about $70 for the stand, they could just include this with the fire pit so you don’t have to buy it separately. Second, there isn’t any drainage holes in the bottom. If you forget to cover it or it rains suddenly, this could lead to it rusting faster, which brings me to my next point. Solo Stove has not designed a cover for their fire pit, so you have to purchase a universal one separately to keep it in good condition.

Final Thoughts

Despite the negatives of this fire pit, it is still easily one of the best modern-design fire pits you can get. The fact that it burns the wood in such a way that it is almost smokeless makes it a home run for multiple reasons, including the fact that it is much better for the environment. This is a huge reason many people choose the gas burning fire pits over the wood burning, so the Solo Stove Yukon provides an awesome alternative to this if you are like me and you just can’t steer away from the wood burning fire pit.

If you are interested, you can check out their full product page here:

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