The 3 Best Portable Fire Pits

If you are going on a camping or hunting trip and are planning on utilizing fire, there are some great options for taking a fire pit with you. If you choose to do so, as Smokey the Bear would say, “You can prevent forest fires”. All jokes aside, using an actual containment for your fire that you cook on or use for warmth instead of going the traditional route of starting a fire on the ground will help give you peace of mind while you are sleeping. These three portable fire pits are available on Amazon, and each provides their own features which may make them perfect for you.

#3: Rootless Portable Fire Pit

This fire pit is the first of a unique design. The mesh is made of Eco-friendly stainless steel, and is easily able to be rolled up for portability.  It is woven in such a way that it does not allow ash or hot coals to fall through. The steel mesh has four holes on each of the corners which attach to clips of the legs. The legs themselves feature a low center of gravity, allowing for heavy wood to be placed on top with no worries. The clips on each of the corners mean this fire pit can be completely assembled in less than a minute. It comes with a carrying case, and it only weighs just over two and a half pounds. That makes this the perfect fire pit for hiking!

Cons: No side protection, can only hold a few heavy logs, less actual heating overall.

 #2 Outland Firebowl Portable Propane Fire Pit

As the only portable propane fire pit on the list, this one should only be used when extreme portability is not a necessity. You will need to pack a standard 20-pound propane tank to use the 58,000 BTUs this fire pit provides, which is more than many fire pits of larger size. Since it runs on propane, you won’t need to worry about the smoke and embers that a traditional fire pit has. It comes as a complete kit with a carry kit, hose, and lava rocks included. You just need to add a propane bottle. You can also get a natural gas conversion kit that allows it to be hooked straight up to the house if you want. It is also CSA approved, meaning that it can generally be used when a campfire ban is in effect. It does not fling off hot embers, greatly reducing the risk of accidental fire. This would be the perfect fire pit for RVing or hunting.

Cons: Not as portable due to needing propane, smaller size, weighs 25 pounds

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#1: Campfire Defender Portable Fire Pit

This traditional wood burning fire pit has many great features that make it a much more ideal portable fire pit for almost any occasion. There are so many great features of this fire pit that we will just start at the top and work down to the bottom. The top features a steel mesh that is surrounded by a heat shield that reduces the risk of accidental fire, and the steel mesh itself contains 99% of ash even when dousing it with water! Having the steel mesh allows for much greater airflow compared to traditional bowl-style fire pits, leading to up to an 80% reduction in annoying smoke. The steel legs make this fire pit much more stable. It is able to hold up to 125 pounds (although I would not recommend trying to burn that much wood at once. When the fire pit is folded up, it only takes up a 27″ x 5″ space, and when it is unfolded, it is 24″ by 24″, which makes it the largest portable fire pit available. It also only weighs eight pounds, making it that much more portable. It takes 60 seconds to set up, and 90 seconds to cool off once you are done. Whether you are hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, RVing, or just looking for a new fire pit for your backyard, this portable fire pit should definitely be one of your considerations!


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