15 Best Fire Pit Accessories

You finally found the outdoor fire pit you were looking for, and it fits your style perfectly. Awesome! If you found it through one of the reviews on our site, even better! Our goal is to help you make an informed buying decision before taking the leap. After all, you work hard for your money, and you want to make sure you are getting a good product. Now there are some things that could make your outdoor experience easier, safer, and more enjoyable. These 15 fire pit accessories could do just that. We have them broken down into essentials, nice to have, and a few that are completely not necessary but really cool! Let’s jump in…

The Essential Fire Pit Accessories

#1: Fire Pit Cover

If you consider only one thing on this list, getting a durable cover for your fire pit is an absolute must. They are intended to keep your fire pit dry when it rains or snows, which could lead to the fire pit corroding at a much faster rate. It also protects it from the sun, which could lead to the paint fading over time, and dirt to keep the paint from cracking or chipping. If you intend to get the most life out of your fire pit, a fire pit cover should be the first step in ensuring that.

#2: Fire Pit Screen

Many wood burning fire pits come with a screen included. They are intended to keep hot burning coals and sparks from exiting the fire pit. If this does happen, it could lead to an unintentional fire or burn. They are an essential fire pit accessory in keeping your evening enjoyable and safe.

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#3: Fire Poker

Again, many fire pits include a poker and a spark screen with them, and that is because they are seen as an essential tool. You use the poker to rearrange hot burning logs in the fire and to break apart logs that are almost burned through. There isn’t too much to consider when comparing fire pokers except to make sure that the handle is made out of a non-conductive material such as wood or resin.

Fire Pit Accessories That Are Nice To Have

#4: Log Grabber

Log grabbers are nice because they allow you to place the firewood exactly where you want it without having to worry about burning yourself or flinging hot coals when you drop the wood in the fire. They work like traditional tongs that you use in the kitchen; however they are a bit more heavy duty than that.

#5: Firewood Splitter

Having a device to help you cut your own wood is definitely not necessary, especially if you don’t have a lot of fires. It may be better for you to just buy firewood in that case. If you do cut your own wood, a device like this can make your life much easier. You just place the wood you want to cut into smaller pieces in the top and then strike it with a heavy hammer such as a sledge hammer. It can’t really cut larger pieces though. It is intended to cut small kindling pieces.

#6:  Log Rack

A log rack is intended to store previously cut firewood. Again, if you go through a lot of wood, I would say this is more of a necessity. Having a rack that is intended to keep your firewood dry and off the ground will prevent wet wood and help keep the termites out of the wood.

#7: Log Grate

Log grates allow more airflow into the fire pit. When you place the wood on top of a log grate, it allows for more air to feed the flames from underneath, creating a more complete burn which will reduce how much smoke the fire puts off.

#8: Fire Pit Wind Guard

If you have ever had a fire on a windy night, you can understand why a wind guard would be nice to have. They are made of glass and rise slightly higher than the fire, keeping the sparks from being blown out of the fire pit and possibly causing a fire. The biggest downside is the fact that they are pretty pricey.

#9: Skewers For Roasting Marshmallows Or Hot Dogs

I mean, I don’t think this needs an explanation. Gotta roast marshmallows for s’mores.

#10: Grilling Grate To Cook On The Fire Pit

It can be awesome to use your fire pit as a grill, but there are some considerations you need to understand if you are going to do so. If you cook over a flame and not hot coals, you run the risk of only cooking the outside of the food and it not being thoroughly cooked to temperature in the center. The best way to use them is to have a large amount of hot coals in the fire and use the heat and smoke to cook it slowly.

Wacky Fire Pit Accessories You Totally Don’t Need

#11: Magical Flames Gives Your Fire Some Color

These are really cool. You toss the bag into the fire, and within a couple of minutes, you start to see different colors in the fire! They can make your “boring” fire more exciting. They are completely safe, and are better than other forms of similar products that require you to actually touch the chemicals and get them on your hands.

#12: Outdoor Fire Pit Popcorn Popper

I didn’t even know this was a thing. Now I do. It’s a pretty cool idea to pop your own popcorn while sitting around a fire. I don’t know how you would make sure to get an even heat, though.

#13: Ceramic Fire Pit Skulls

These stones could be a great option for Halloween time, or even year-round. Place them in the fire pit, they don’t burn, and they add a spooky aspect to your fire. You have to make sure not to throw them out when you empty the ashes from the fire pit.

#14: Fire Pit Sign

If you or someone you know is super passionate about their fire pit the way some are about their garage, this is pretty cool!

#15: Fire Pit Accessory For Gas Fire Pits: Fire Glass

If you prefer a gas fire pit over a wood burning fire pit, you can add fire glass to give it a custom look. You usually get lava rocks or fake logs with a gas fire pit, but the glass can really set the mood you are looking for.

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