11 Reasons you need a Backyard Fire Pit

Getting a fire pit for your back yard experience is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. It can be a big investment in terms of time and money. Fire pits can cost a great deal of money, and can get ruined if not properly maintained. If you are on the fence about it, here are some reasons you should consider getting one. If you are just getting started, we need to understand exactly what a fire pit is.

What is a Fire Pit?

The dictionary defines fire pit as “a pit dug into the ground or a freestanding metal vessel, in which a contained outdoor fire is made.” Although this is a pretty accurate description for fire pit, there is more to it than that. A fire pit does not need to be completely made of metal. It is possible to get a fire pit that is made of stone tile that has a metal insert where you burn the wood. It is also even possible to get a fire pit that runs on propane or natural gas, which is cleaner and requires less maintenance.

1. Fire Pits Offer Great Stress Relief

If you have already spent time around outdoor fire pits, you already know how powerful the stress relief can be. If not, you can imagine that taking a night to unplug from the worries of everyday life (especially all the screens) and just enjoy the heat and light from the fire pit can do wonders for your mental health. A study conducted by the University of Alabama concluded that prolonged exposure to fire actually reduced both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Disclaimer: Fire pits cannot replace the need for blood pressure management. Do not stop taking medication to lower blood pressure if you get a fire pit.

2. You Can Start New Friendships Or Grow Existing Ones

Countless friendships and even relationships have started thanks to fire pits. When you sit around a burning fire with close friends, the relaxation can lead to some great conversations and spark great ideas for the future. If you have acquaintances or friends of friends over to your fire pit, these could become some of your greatest life-long friendships.

3. Fire Pits Can Be Used Any Time Of The Year

During the winter, fire pits are obviously a great option for enjoying the outdoors and keeping warm at the same time. You can warm up with some hot cocoa, and the winter can be better because bugs such as mosquitoes will not bother you. However, you can even enjoy them during the warm months. Make some s’mores with the family!

4. They Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Fire Pits have become one of the most popular additions for outdoor entertainment in recent years. If a potential buyer for your home is comparing your home to a similar one, but yours already has a fire pit installed, it can make yours more attractive to them.

5. There Are So Many Options Available

Whether you are in the market for a wood burning or gas fire pit that is round or square, big or small, or even portable, there are lots of different types of fire pits. There is one out there that will be a nice addition to your backyard experience. You can get a high quality fire pit for under $100, or you could spend thousands of dollars for a matching set.

6. You Can Cook On Them

Every fire pit is pretty much capable of cooking s’mores or hot dogs, but there are some versions of fire pits that can be used for cooking things like burgers, jalapeno poppers, or skewers. The ones that are capable of this usually have a grill grate that can be placed over the top of the pit. You need to make sure the coals are hot and that the fire doesn’t grow too big if you are cooking on one.


7. They Make For A Great Date Night

If you want a relaxing evening with your significant other, a night by the fire is a great idea. If you have kids, you can get a babysitter and not go anywhere, and still have a romantic evening. The tranquility of the light from the fire and the sound of wood crackling can have a provocativeness to it if it is only you and the one you are close with.

8. Can You Say Entertainment?

If you enjoy hosting people at your house for parties and you have a fire pit, someone will want to light it up every time they are there. You just might be the only place people want to come to enjoy a relaxing evening. You may need to make it BYOB though, because hosting that many people could get expensive really fast.

9. Fire Pits Can Be A Work Of Art

Along with all of the other reasons mentioned above, choosing the right fire pit might mean choosing one that works elegantly with the theme of your backyard. And you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to have them custom made for your specific needs.

10. You Will Not Regret It

Whether you spend $100 or $1000 on a fire pit, it is not a purchase that you will regret. Whether it is the quality time with family making s’mores or grilling, having a romantic evening, getting a functional work of art, or simply attempting to make your home more appealing, there is really no reason not to give it a try!

11. It Is Built Into Our DNA

Yes, that’s right. Sitting around a raging fire is literally a part of who we are. Think about the cavemen. They spent every night around a fire. Now, back then that was mostly for warmth, cooking, and safety, but those same comforts that the cavemen felt millions of years ago have forever imprinted themselves into our mind. There is an article published by the Smithsonian stating that the creation of fire back in these times may have been one of the driving forces for the evolution of the brain. The wonder that those ancient ancestors of ours felt when they first experienced fire can be compared to the feeling that we experience now when we do the same. Although it is not just about survival any more, the experience will always be there.

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